News ID: 93851
Publish Date : 31 August 2021 - 21:45

WASHINGTON (Dispatches) -- Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine have found Significant improvements on the efficacy of osteoarthritis (OA) treatment through platelet-rich plasma (PRP) .
The results showed that a single injection of leukocyte-rich/PRP in the knee joint significantly improved functional mobility, pain and quality of life after six weeks. The study supports using this combined approach to further evaluate this and other emerging biological therapies for musculoskeletal disorders in larger clinical trials.
PRP is prepared from the patient’s own blood by removing the red blood cells and enriching the concentration of platelets.
OA develops when the smooth cushion between bones, the cartilage, breaks down. Progressively, joints become painful, swollen and hard to move. There are no validated therapies that delay disease progression. The current standard of care is limited to the alleviation of symptoms with corticosteroids.

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