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Publish Date : 30 August 2021 - 22:37


By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The recent exposure of the nefarious activities in the Red Sea area of an Israeli agent captured by the Yemeni government reveals the satanic plot underway in the region by the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the illegal Zionist entity, with the blessings of the US.
The documentary titled “The Spy of Mossad in Yemen” sheds light on part of Israel’s intervention in the country.
According to Brigadier General Yahya Saree “the plan is to target Yemen militarily.”
The spokesman for the Ansarallah-led legal government of Yemen said Israel and the UAE have been working to establish a spy base on the strategically-located island of Socotra.
He further pointed out: “The transfer of tourists to
Socotra Island reveals the plans and programmes of the UAE occupying forces, which are in line with the Zionist schemes to dominate Yemeni islands.”
The UAE is also involved in constructing an air base on the Mayyun Island, situated off the Yemeni coast in the strategic Bab al-Mandeb Strait.
Also known as Perim, Mayyun Island has been under UAE control since 2015, when the Saudi led coalition occupied it, and began building an airfield, along with a secret prison.
In 2019, the UAE removed itself from the Saudi-led
coalition and has continued to work with the US military and Israel’s notorious spy agency, Mossad.
It is obvious that the Emiratis, along with the Saudis to certain extent, are working feverishly, with full American backing, to establish Israeli presence in parts of Yemen under their control.
The plan is to divide the Yemen people and hold them in thralldom, but given the fierce independent nature of the various Yemeni tribes, the UAE and its comrades-in-crimes, might well be digging their own graves.
The Zionist intrusion will never be tolerated by the proud Muslim people of Yemen, who have seen through the
devilish game being played by the UAE and the Saudis.
As the government in Sana’a, which is closely monitoring these nefarious activities, one fine day it may launch a series of ballistic missiles and precision drones to reduce to rubble the airfield on Mayyun Island along with other facilities the UAE and Israel are setting up.
It is interesting to note that the heroic Ansarallah
Movement has clearly said that if Israeli provocations
continue, it will formally enter the war for liberation of Bayt al-Moqaddas, on behalf of the Palestinian people.

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