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Publish Date : 30 August 2021 - 22:33

Iranian powerlifter Saman Razi snatched a bronze medal at the Tokyo Paralympic Games in men’s -107 kg.
On the last day of powerlifting competitions that is underway at Tokyo International Forum Hall, Saman Razi, the representative of Iran, gained the bronze medal by lifting 231 kg.
He later failed to lift 233 kg to improve his performance.
Mongolian athlete Enkhbayar broke the Paralympics record by lifting 245 kg and won the gold medal. The powerlifter also holds the world record of 247 kg. And Jong Yee Khie bagged a second medal for Malaysia at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics with a lift of 237 kg. Powerlifting competitions will continue in Men’s + 107 kg and Mansour Pourmirzaei is going to represent Iran.

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