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Publish Date : 28 August 2021 - 21:39

Zionist MP: Future Confrontation With Gaza Won’t Be Easy

GAZA STRIP (Dispatches) – Zionist lawmaker Amichai Chikli has admitted that the occupying regime’s army has lost its strength against the Palestinian resistance, mainly Hamas, warning that any future confrontation with Gaza will not have a guaranteed outcome.
As reported by Israeli Channel 7, Chikli stated: “We lost the soldier, who was killed near Gaza, due to losing deterrence.”
The member of the regime’s parliament, of prime minister Naftali Bennett’s party, spoke about the “failure” of the occupying regime’s army, which, according to him: “Is represented by a Hamas activist coming close to the fence and opening fire at an Israeli soldier from a zero distance.”
Commenting on the shooting of the Zionist trooper, who shot and wounded 41 Palestinian demonstrators before a Palestinian security officer responded, Chikli expressed, “The Israeli army did not immediately repair its deterrence; therefore, it will not be able to win in the future confrontation with Hamas.”
Meanwhile, Israeli Channel 12 reported a senior commander of the Gaza Command declaring that a military escalation with Gaza: “Is inevitable soon. Israelis have to know that we are moving towards an escalation, whether for one day or more.”
The commander pointed to the Egyptian and Qatari mediations aiming to prevent the escalation, but stated that the reality on the ground is leading to an escalation.
Other Zionist military officials, as well as former officials, have been reportedly speaking about the erosion of the occupying regime’s army’s ‘deterrence’ and the high possibility of heading to a new escalation with Gaza.
Israeli newspaper Maariv reported: “Gaza continues defying the Israeli army and regime because the outcomes of Operation Guardian of the Walls were not enough to change the situation and lead to calm.”