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Publish Date : 24 August 2021 - 22:51

TEHRAN – Iran Army “Lords of Weapons” team claimed first place in the international army games by beating Uzbekistan, Russia, and Vietnam.
On the first day of the international army games, the Army “Lords of Weapons” team won first place, beating Uzbekistan, Russia, and Vietnam, the organizer of the International Army Games Second Brigadier General Mohsen Azar Afrooz said, adding that the teams of Uzbekistan, Russia, and Vietnam won the next places, respectively.
The Iran Army team enjoys a very high technical ability and expertise which is even more than their powerful rivals, he noted.
The sixth edition of the International Army Games kicked off on Sunday in the city of Shahinshahr with the participation of four teams from Iran, Russia, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. These competitions will be held until September 2 in Shahinshahr, Isfahan.
The Iranian Army’s Deputy Commander for Coordinating the Affairs Brigadier General Abbas Fallah said at the inauguration ceremony of the Russian-initiated international army games that these games aim to promote peace, friendship and enhance cultural interactions among the participating countries.
The Russian representative in the games in Isfahan said that the army competitions are aimed at upgrading the military capability and improving the training system and the readiness of the weapons repair units.
The Uzbekistan representative also thanked Iran for hosting the event and said that the games lay a good ground to share the experiences of the world’s armies.
The representative of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, for his part, said at the ceremony that holding these competitions is not only about sharing experiences, but also getting familiar with new cultures.

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