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Publish Date : 23 August 2021 - 22:05

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

What makes Palestinian Muslims in Bayt al-Moqaddas – and the Muslim World – being helpless watchers or at the most, harmlessly angry protestors, at the frequent violation of the sanctity of Islam’s former Qibla (prayer direction), the al-Aqsa Mosque, by Zionist
marauders supported by Israel’s occupation forces?
The disunity of the Ummah, of course, in view of the treason of
several regimes in power in Muslim lands – not as representatives of the people they rule but as clients of the US.
Earlier this week, the Palestinian Islamic Council expressed alarm that Israel’s stepping up of excavations and drilling underneath the sacred precinct of al-Aqsa is weakening the foundations and may
result in the collapse of the whole structure.
Its statement indicated disunity at home amongst the Palestinians when it said engagement in real estate deals with the Israelis is “a great betrayal of religion, the homeland and morals. Whoever colludes with this crime is a conspirator against the land, the cause and the people, and has sold himself to the devil.”
It show the depths of despair amongst the Muslims fifty-two years after the arson attack by Australian Zionist terrorist, Denis Michael Rohan, on al-Aqsa on August 21 that made Muslim countries meet in Morocco to form the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which unfortunately has done nothing concrete for Bayt al-Moqaddas.
The fire destroyed nearly a third of the Mosque, including the 1,000-year old priceless wood and ivory pulpit, as the Israelis cut off water from the area and prevented fire engines from reaching the site to extinguish the fire.
Though the Muslim countries succeeded in pressuring the UN on September 15, 1969, to adopt Resolution 271 to denounce such violation, no further progress was made to prevent Israel from its frequent violation of the sanctity of al-Aqsa and the current intrusion into the this sacred Islamic site by gangs of illegal
Zionist settlers despite the fact that entry of non-Muslims or their acts of worship are strictly banned.
The reason is obvious. It is the disunity of the Ummah. If Morocco and Jordan (which before the Israeli occupation of Bayt al-Moqaddas in 1967 was in charge of governing this Islamic city and its holy sites) were in secret contacts with the illegal Zionist entity, the traitor Anwar Sadat of Egypt openly betrayed the Palestinian cause by signing the scandalous Camp David Accord.
Thanks to the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, however, the Palestinian issue was saved from being completely forgotten.
The historic move by the Father of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (RA), in designating the last Friday of the fasting month of Ramadhan as World Qods Day, not only mobilized Muslim masses all over the world for renewing allegiance every year to the cherished goal of liberating al-Aqsa and Palestine, but made Iran the fulcrum of the Resistance Front for practical efforts to achieve this objective.
Today, despite the Israeli atrocities, all eyes are glued to the
Islamic Resistance Front, which is becoming stronger by the day and from Gaza has now penetrated the interior of the Usurped Land of
Palestine, for delivering the coup-de-grace.
It means, the day will surely dawn on a Levant free of the filth of Israel, no matter if certain Persian Gulf Arab regimes indulge in
treason and treachery by dallying publicly with the Zionist entity.

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