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Publish Date : 22 August 2021 - 21:29

SYDNEY (Dispatches) -- A new study led by University of New South Wales researchers has revealed isometric resistance training (IRT) as an emerging mode of exercise demonstrating effectiveness in reducing office blood pressure.
IRT is a type of strength training, during which the muscles produce force but do not change length. However, when pushing against a wall or holding a ‘plank, ‘it is different to more traditional strength training like a squat or a push up or where muscles shorten and lengthen during the movement.
IRT is not recommended by several international guidelines for the management of high blood pressure. This was mostly due to concerns over its safety because the static nature of IRT causes blood pressure to increase markedly during exercise, particularly when performed using large muscle groups or at high intensity, compared to traditional strength exercise such as lifting weights or aerobic exercise such as walking or cycling.
Nevertheless, lead authors of the study Mr Harrison Hansford and Dr Matthew Jones, said their research showed IRT to be safe.

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