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Publish Date : 14 August 2021 - 21:58

TEHRAN (Dispatches) --
Iranian artworks earned 427.18 billion rials ($1.857 million) at
14th Tehran Auction in Parsian Azadi Hotel .
Bids were made for 120 classic and modern artworks at the event.
The highest auction price went to a work titled, ‘Counting Days and Nights, Every Day and Every Night,’ by Reza Derakhshani. His work is a mixed media with fig leaves on canvas, diptych, with the overall size of 180×400 cm. Derakhshani’s other work , ‘Migration Gold, sold for 11 billion rials ($47,527).
The 13th auction in Tehran sold 879.42 billion rials ($3.82 million). It was held online on January 15, 2021, due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The 13th Tehran Auction highest sold work was ‘Memories of Hope,’ by Aydin Aghdashloo at 125 billion rials ($553,478).

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