News ID: 93271
Publish Date : 10 August 2021 - 22:03

Commander: Iran’s New Destroyer Ready for Mission

TEHRAN - Commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Hussein Khanzadi on Tuesday announced that the fully home-made destroyer ‘Dena’ will join the country’s naval fleet soon.
“Presence of the naval fleets of the Army’s strategic Naval Force in international waters, while hoisting the holy flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran and ensuring the security of sea lines in line with protection of Iran’s interests, is a manifestation of the country’s power and pride,” Rear Admiral Khanzadi said during a visit to the Navy’s third operational zone in Konarak.
“The all-Iran-made destroyer Dena, which is an epic of intelligence and talent of Iranian engineers and technologists, will soon join the third naval zone of the Navy based in Konarak in order to improve the naval capacity of the Army’s Navy,” he added.