News ID: 93165
Publish Date : 08 August 2021 - 22:03

Iran’s Export to Afghanistan Shrinks Due to Insecurities

TEHRAN – Chairman of Iran-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce Hussein Salimi has said that export of Iran to Afghanistan has reduced due to insecurities and if this trend continues, Iran will lose a part of its annual export to this country.
Salimi referred to the reduced volume of trade between Iran and Afghanistan due to attack of Taliban to some parts of Afghanistan and stated that Iran’s trade and economic situation with Afghanistan is heavily affected by the insecurity situation overshadowing Afghanistan, so that Iranian businesspersons and traders do not show willingness to do trade and business with Afghanistan.
The two border crossings of “Milak” and “Gamshad” between Iran and Afghanistan have been shut down while the two other border crossings of Mahirud and Dogharoon are open for bilateral trade activities, he added.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Salimi put the annual export of Islamic Republic of Iran to neighboring Afghanistan at $2.7 billion.
Under such circumstances, it is expected that Iran’s export to Afghanistan will shrink due to the spread of insecurity in this country.