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Publish Date : 07 August 2021 - 21:38

Iranian Artist Partakes at India’s Video Art Group

TEHRAN (Honaronline) –Ava Tabatabai recently showed the effect of video art at an online event in India.
In an interview with HonarOnline, Tabatabai said about this experience: “I received an invitation from the Hexxyduxxybox art group in India, which in cooperation with the Rāh Residence Center in Iran, held an event entitled” After grief and death “and I made a video art entitled” Dance of death “. I presented “Death”, which was thematically related to this event. The event has been held online for the last two seasons due to Corona, and a number of films submitted by the artists to the festival were screened every day.
Tabatabaie continued: In recent years, in the field of performance, video art and photo video art, I had done some work on the situation of Zayandehroud, and in this work, I also paid attention to the stairs of Isfahan after the drought. When the river has no water, there is a gathering place for addicts and the homeless under the bridge, and many behavioral abnormalities occur there.
She said that in this video art, she did not pay attention to traditional bridges such as Siyoseh Pol and Khajoo Bridge, adding: “There is a lot of human traffic on these bridges and they are under control, but other bridges where cars pass and there is no water flowing under them.” Such things happen. The concrete stairs that I was interested in have a texture under their roof that is like a row of empty graves dug into the ground. I did a performance there and it was filmed, then we brought down the texture of the grids on the roof by editing the film, and it was as if I was performing on the graves and between them. In general, in my works, I deal with the issue of death both in terms of the environment and the social norms and behaviors of people who are affected by these events.