News ID: 93126
Publish Date : 07 August 2021 - 21:38

TEHRAN – Iran Road Maintenance & Transportation Organization banned the deployment of the Iranian road transportation fleet to the Milak border terminal and joint border market with Afghanistan.
Accordingly, dispatching transportation fleet - buses, trucks and etc - to export and transit or unloading cargoes at the border markets of Iran and Afghanistan in the north of Iran’s Sistan and Balouchestan provinces is prohibited.
In order to avoid any problems for businesses, Iranian traders and businesspersons have been urged to refrain from exporting their transit cargo to Milak Border Terminal until further notice.
In this regard, the exit of Iranian and transit trucks towards Afghanistan will not be possible until further notice.
As reported earlier, Iranian trucks and commercial cargoes which are returning from Afghanistan to the Islamic Republic of Iran will be able to enter the country with the previous arrangements made in this respect.
It should be noted that Milak Border Terminal is located in the vicinity of Helmand city, a neighborhood of Nimruz province of Afghanistan.
Afghanistan is a gateway to Central Asian countries and the existence of the Milak Border Terminal at this point in the province has led to a significant amount of goods being exported from this border.

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