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Publish Date : 07 August 2021 - 21:24

WASHINGTON (Press TV) – The U.S. military has reportedly transferred dozens of Daesh terrorists from prisons run by allied Kurdish militants of the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to a base in Syria’s northeastern province of Hasakah.
Syria’s official news agency, SANA, citing local residents, reported that American forces had sent 40 Daesh militants from the Industrial Secondary Prison and so-called Self-Defense Prison, which lie on the southern outskirts of the provincial capital city of Hasakah, to their military base in the town of al-Shaddadi.
Last April, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the United States makes use of the Daesh terrorist group to impede a political solution to the decade-long crisis in Syria and supports separatist militants in a flagrant violation of international resolutions.
Lavrov said the U.S. has occupied lands in Syria and continues to plunder its natural wealth, including oil, gas, and wheat, and escalates tensions to destabilize the war-torn Arab country.
The top Russian diplomat reiterated the need to resolve the Syrian crisis politically in accordance with UN Security Resolution 2254.
“We should give the opportunity for the Syrians to reach an agreement on self-determination,” Lavrov pointed out.
Back in May last year, a number of captured Daesh terrorists confessed to close cooperation with U.S. military forces stationed at al-Tanf base in the central Syrian province of Homs on carrying out various acts of terror and sabotage.
During confessions broadcast on Syria’s state-run television network, several terrorists – identified as Salah Jaber al-Zaher, Ali Salim Yahya and Amer Abd al-Ghafar Nemah but better known by their noms de guerres as Abu Abd al-Rahman al-Salafi, Abu al-Bara’a al-Homsi and Abu Sawan, revealed that they were instructed by American forces to target Syrian government troops in and around the ancient city of Palmyra, the Tiyas Military Airbase – also known as the T-4 Airbase, the Shaer gas field as well as nearby oil wells.
“Once a close aide to our commander Hassan Alqam al-Jazrawi came to me and said he was in contact with the Americans at al-Tanf base. The man, whose name was Hassan al-Wali, added it was necessary to target Palmyra and T4 Airbase, and that U.S. forces would provide us with rocket launchers and machine guns, besides financial support, cars and whatever we needed,” one of the terrorists said at the time.
He added, “Americans would also launch reconnaissance aircraft to monitor the movements of Syrian army soldiers in Palmyra region, and inform us of their activities.”
The U.S. trains anti-Damascus militants at the al-Tanf base, which is situated near Syria’s borders with Iraq and Jordan.

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