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Publish Date : 06 August 2021 - 22:00
Zionist War Minister Threatens Iran With Attack

TEHRAN -- The head of the Islamic Revolution Guards Force (IRGC) has responded to a threat by the occupying regime of Israel's war minister, saying the Islamic Republic is prepared to handle any potential aggression.
Tensions are high between Iran and the occupying regime of Israel over a series of murky maritime incidents, including most recently a deadly blast aboard an Israeli-linked ship and an alleged boarding of another United Arab Emirates-owned tanker in the Gulf of Oman.
Zionist war minister Benny Gantz told Ynet News on Thursday that "Israel is ready to attack Iran."
"We are at a point where we need to take military action against Iran," he added, according to the Israeli outlet. "The world needs to take action against Iran now."
The remarks came a day after Zionist PM Naftali Bennett said the occupying regime was seeking to rally the international community against Iran, but could also "act alone" against its adversary.
Addressing his naval forces on a trip to Iran's southern coast, IRGC commander Major General Hussein Salami delivered a rebuttal to the Israeli threats.
"Those who speak against us with a language of threats, including the Zionist regime's prime minister and other officials of that regime, must be mindful of the dangerous consequences of their comments and exercise the necessary caution in their calculations," Gen. Salami said.
And he warned that Tehran was also ready for anything.
"We are prepared for every scenario," he added, "and as some of these preparations were observed today on the shores of the Persian Gulf, these preparations are present in various areas of our defense power."
The United States under successive administrations has backed the occupying regime of Israel and on Thursday White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters in response to the latest exchange of heated rhetoric that Israel "has the right to defend itself, and we certainly recognize that first and foremost."
"We, of course, are working with the international community and have concerns about the escalating activity we've seen as it relates to the seized tanker, the Asphalt Princess, also the Mercer Street attack," Psaki said in relation to the two most recent vessel incidents in the Gulf of Oman, "and these are all certainly issues that are of concern to us and of concern to the international community."
She did not outright blame Iran for the incidents, but claimed she saw familiar signs.
Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman blamed Western countries' bling support for Tel Aviv’s “malign behavior.”
"In another brazen violation of Int'l law, Israeli regime now blatantly threatens #Iran with military action," Saeed Khatibzadeh said in a Thursday tweet.
He warned the Zionist regime and its supporters that "ANY foolish act against Iran will be met with a DECISIVE response."
"Don't test us," Iran's Foreign Ministry told the occupying regime.

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