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Publish Date : 04 August 2021 - 22:32

TEHRAN (IBNA) -- The First International School of Quran and Culture is established by Iran’s ‎Quranic Organization for Academies in cooperation with Imam Sadiq University in ‎Tehran on August 12 to 27. ‎
In an interview with IBNA, director of Interdisciplinary Studies Center of Iran’s Quranic Organization stressed on the importance of cultural studies which cannot only be applied to humanities but to the fields of religious and Quranic studies and can lead to widespread development, particularly in terms of understanding Quran by discovering the context.
Describing the topics that will be discussed in this school, he said: The topics include: definition of culture; acquaintance with theories of culture; culture and cognition; time, culture, cultural change and its role in understanding Quran; the situation of the Arabian Peninsula in the period prior to the revelation of the Quran; cultural understanding of the Quran (what and why?); cultural understanding of the Qur’an (how?)
The role of cultural view of the Quran in the field of education and social reform; The role of cultural translation of the Quran in conveying knowledge to the audience; The cultural status of the Qur’an in the construction of Shi’ite thought; pathology of reductive interpretation with emphasis on the culture of the time and historicity, are among the other topics.
The director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of the Holy Quran added: Iranian and international experts and academics will teach the course such as Taghi Azad Armaki, Hamid Parsania, Maghsoud Farasatkhah, Ahmad Paktchi, Ali-Reza Gha’eminia, Abdul-Karim Behjatpour and Mohammad-Ali Mirza’ei.
Foreign instructors are: Edris Hani (Tunis University); Charles Hircshkind (Berkley University); Liyakat Takim (McMaster University) and Ilkka Linstedt (Helsinki University).
The course will be taught online and in Persian. The content of studies in School will be translated into Arabic and English for the audience of the international course. Those interested may register on http://school.quran.ir.

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