News ID: 93000
Publish Date : 03 August 2021 - 22:01

HELSINKI (Dispatches) -- Researchers from the University of Turku have discovered a new method of X-ray imaging based on the colouring abilities of the natural mineral hackmanite.
Hackmanite is a natural mineral which glows in the dark. It is also known for its ability to change colour from off-white to pink or violet upon UV exposure. I
“We were the first to attempt X-ray imaging using a surface made of hackmanite as the image plate, and the results were very exciting,” says Docent Mika Lastusaari from the University of Turku.
“In this research, we studied the behaviour of four types of synthetic hackmanites upon exposure to X-rays in the Karlsruhe synchrotron radiation facility in Germany using a particle accelerator which generates X-rays with tunable energy. All of the samples were positive surprises, and we were able to receive valuable information about how adding different atoms in the basic structure impacts the colouring abilities,” explains Doctoral Candidate Sami Vuori.

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