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Publish Date : 03 August 2021 - 21:56

TOKYO (Dispatches) - Australian athletes damaged beds in their Olympic village hotel rooms and put a hole in a wall before leaving, the country’s Olympic committee says.
Some athletes also showed “unacceptable behavior” on their flight home, officials added.
But Australia team boss Ian Chesterman said no disciplinary action would be taken as the athletes had apologized.
He added that the damage was “minor” and that it was “not the hardest thing to break the cardboard bed”.
Chesterman did not name the athletes or the sport they represented.
But the Australian Olympic Committee said the national governing bodies of football and rugby union were investigating reports of rowdy behavior on a flight into Sydney last Friday.
Chesterman said: “Some young people made a mistake - they had left the rooms in a condition that was unacceptable.”
He added: “The rooms were not completely trashed in any way.
Rugby Australia said it had launched its own investigation after being informed by Australian team officials of “unacceptable” behavior by rugby and football players on the flight home from the Olympics.

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