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Publish Date : 31 July 2021 - 21:31

MOSCOW– Tatarstan’s Minister of Agriculture and Food Marat Zyabbarov, in a meeting with Iranian ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali has called for promotion of relations with Tehran.
Noting that 1,000 companies are active in the area of agricultural and livestock productions in the Republic of Tatarstan, Zyabborov said that the Republic had $288 million worth of products last year.
He said that the Republic of Tatarstan is Russia’s number one producer of agricultural and livestock products.
The Republic is also active in the area of making Halal products, making some 300 tons of such products last year, the minister said.
He also called for the joint production of agricultural and livestock products by Iran and Tatarstan.
Referring to strong political relations between Iran and Russia, the Iranian ambassador to Moscow welcomed the proposal made by the Tatar minister.
Jalali, however, regretted that the cultural and economic relations between Iran and Russia are lagging behind the defense and technical relations.
He expressed hope that a working group will be set up to pave the way for agricultural cooperation between Iran and Tatarstan Republic.
Despite the restrictions caused by the global spread of COVID-19 and the pressure of US sanctions on Iran, trade between Iran and Russia grew by 44% last year, the ambassador said, adding that Iran’s exports to Russia witnessed a 105% growth in the same period.
He called for establishment of a trade center for the Iranians in Kazan where they can supply livestock and agricultural products, a demand that received welcome of the Tatar minister.

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