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Publish Date : 26 July 2021 - 21:59

TEHRAN (MNA) – Iranian short film ‘Eclipse’ has been accepted at the competition section of the 19th MoliseCinema Film Festival in Italy.
Directed by Raha Amirfazli, Alireza Ghasemi, ‘Eclipse’ has been a joint product of Iran and France.
The synopsis of ‘Eclipse’ reads, “Saaghi and her two friends have come to the largest park in Tehran to take pictures of the one-in-a-century total eclipse announced later in the afternoon. Mischievous and rebellious, they steal a camera stand, lie to their parents and discuss boys as well as an upcoming party. Their wanderings lead them to a remote part of the park. As the sun disappears, Saaghi sees something that should have stayed hidden.”
The cast includes Faraz Modiri, Payman Naimi, Anita Bagheri, Paniz Esmaili, Khorshid Cheraghipour.
The short film has previously taken part at the 30th edition of the Côté Court Festival in France, the Figari Film Fest in Italy, the 43rd Outdoor Short Film Festival of Grenoble in France and LA Shorts International Film Festival.
The main goal of MoliseCinema Film Festival is to affirm the “right to cinema” in small towns and villages, by promoting the latest and most innovative works of Italian and international cinema. Special attention is devoted to young Italian, European and international filmmakers, to innovative projects and new ways of expression, and to films dealing with themes such as relations between cultures and peoples, the social and civil identity of communities, life in small villages.
The 19th MoliseCinema Film Festival will take place from 3 to 8 August 2021.

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