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Publish Date : 26 July 2021 - 21:57

TEHRAN– In the 85th edition of the national projects inauguration series, Iranian President Rouhani inaugurated several projects in free zones and some environmental projects via video conference on Monday.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony, Rouhani hailed the efforts of the managers in Aras Free Zone who have been successful in having the new projects implemented.
“We sought to turn the free zones from importing areas into centers of production, export, and attracting domestic and foreign capital, and this is done,” he said.
“Today, there are 15 free zones in the country that can put the country on a path of constructive interaction with neighboring countries and the world,” Rouhani added.
The President also expressed content about the continuous scientific and supervisory job that has been done in the environmental sector of the country.
“Upto 9.28 trillion rials ($37.1 million) of projects are inaugurated and more projects at the value of 100 trillion rials ($400 million) will become operational in the future,” Rouhani said.
Several automobiles, home appliance, and industrial equipment plants were inaugurated today in Aras, Kish, and Qeshm free trade zones.
Moreover, several projects were launched to study water requirements of 21 wetlands and rivers throughout the country, as the environmental crisis gets worst in Iran with water supply tensions being on top of the list.
Rouhani also unveiled, among many other environmental projects, the comprehensive wetlands native environment management program which is considered to be a framework for any decision to be made on managing wetlands with the intention of bringing these environmental phenomena to a proper condition.

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