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Publish Date : 16 July 2021 - 21:40


By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

It isn’t the first instance of treason, nor will it be the last act of treachery, but one thing is sure, judging from the verdict of history, traitors have never succeeded in either undermining the dynamic Islamic concept of Jihad against the enemies of humanity, or dampening the spirit of resistance of the Muslims.
The recent opening of the UAE embassy in Tel Aviv and the nightlong bouts of dancing and drinking that followed with Ambassador Mohamed al-Khaja leading the Emirati pack to the tune of the Zionist musical bands revealed that the prime purpose of the rulers in Abu Dhabi was to have Israeli girls of various east European extraction in their harem.
The Zionists definitely obliged, because all they want are the petro-dollars of the Persian Gulf Arabs, plus a foothold in the strategic waters on the pretext of trade, but with the intention of sedition and sabotage, primarily against Iran for its firm and unflinching support for the Palestinian liberation movements.
The Emiratis and the Bahrainis, who have entered into open ‘diplomatic’ relations with the archenemy of Islam and Muslims with the blessings of the Wahhabi regime of Saudi Arabia, might claim to be pragmatic, while Israel might claim that it has come out of its isolation in the region, and in the process averted the day of its doom.
A cursory glance, however, at the fate of the European Crusaders of the 11th-12th centuries despite their dalliance with similar treasonous Muslim rulers of those days, shows that the illegal Israel cannot escape the destruction that befell the illegal Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1187.
Then, over eight centuries ago, the ruling Kurds of the Levant, along with the Turkish warlords, Arab foot soldiers, the Egyptian navy and experienced sappers from Iran, had joined together to liberate Palestine and Syria.
Today also, irrespective of the growing ties between the Zionist regime and the reactionary Arab states, the Resistance Front which spans several countries and has a formidable force of fighters equipped not just with state-of-the-art military hardware, but with faith in God and the dynamic values of Islam, is waiting for the right moment to swing into action to liberate Bayt al-Moqaddas.
When this happens, Insha Allah in the near future, Heaven knows what will be the fate of the treasonous elements and the traitors, who had made the fatal mistake of thinking that American-insinuated treachery against Muslims, whether Palestinians or Iranians, would pay off.

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