News ID: 92418
Publish Date : 13 July 2021 - 22:03

TEHRAN - Sweden’s Special Envoy for Yemen Peter Semneby has held talks with the Iranian foreign minister’s senior advisor in special political affairs Ali-Asghar Khaji.
During the meeting, which was also attended by the Swedish ambassador to Tehran, the latest developments in domestic and foreign fields of Yemen were reviewed.
The two sides also exchanged views on the grounds for mutual cooperation between Tehran and Stockholm in order to help resolve the Yemen crisis and ways to immediately end the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.
The Swedish envoy’s latest regional consultations and Iran’s efforts to help lift the blockade against the people of Yemen, the establishment of a ceasefire and the peace process as well as eliminating the oil spill risk associated with the FSO Safer oil tanker were among the main issues discussed by Khaji and Semneby.

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