News ID: 92414
Publish Date : 13 July 2021 - 22:02

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The decision to sack civil servants in Egypt on suspicion of links with the Muslim Brotherhood following last Sunday’s mockery of justice by a Cairo court in handing life sentences to ten senior Brotherhood members, including supreme guide Mohammed al-Badie, does not come as a surprise.
The regime of President’ General Abdul-Fattah as-Sisi is only acting according to orders received from Washington, Tel Aviv, Riyadh, and Abu Dhabi, all of whom are terrified that Egypt’s prime political-religious organization, which continues to command popularity throughout the country, might one day stage a comeback.
If it again rides to power on the basis of grassroots support as it had done last decade to topple longtime dictator Hosni Mubarak and for the first time in the thousands of years of Egyptian history hold fair and free election to form the only elected government, this time it will definitely succeed in making the country truly independent by eradicating once and for all American, British, Israeli, Saudi, and Emirati influence.
Last month the same kangaroo court of Cairo upheld the death penalty for 12 other senior Brotherhood members, accusing them of conspiring with what it called foreign groups – Hamas of Palestine and Lebanon’s legendry anti-terrorist organization, the Hezbollah.
It is rather strange that when the Egyptian Muslim people, for safeguarding the country’s independence, national dignity, and Islamic identity, establish ties with liberation groups that are indeed pride of the Muslim World, they are termed conspirators, but those military commanders (including General as-Sisi) and Mubarak’s henchmen who collaborated with Israel, the US, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia to overthrow the elected government of Mohammed Morsi, are not called traitors.
Morsi, who was overthrown on 3rd July 2013 after only a year in power and died during trial in a court 17 June 2019, is widely believed to have been murdered through slow poisoning by the regime.
After his downfall tens of thousands of Egyptians have been arrested while thousands more have fled the country, but surprisingly no western country or any of those so-called human rights organizations have protested this gross violation of human rights, since Egypt is run by their own client regime.
If only Morsi, his cabinet, and senior Brotherhood members had not made the fatal mistake of trusting the anarchic ‘an-Noor’ Salafist outfit and cozying up to Riyadh in the wrong belief that they wouldn’t be backstabbed by such treacherous elements, Egypt would not have been in the present state of instability, national humility, and subservience to the US and Israel.
Moreover, had the Muslim Brotherhood government, despite its grassroots support, not ignored the friendly and fraternal advice of the Islamic Republic of Iran to form paramilitary forces by mobilizing the people – on the patterns of the Basij and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) – the treasonous elements in the army and the political corridors would not have succeeded in their devilish designs.
Nonetheless, we are confident that the Egyptian Muslim people will one day become masters of their own destiny and join ranks with the other members of the Resistance Front, which have greatly benefitted from Iran’s advisory role, to form a formidable force for eradicating the illegal Zionist entity from the map of West Asia.

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