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Publish Date : 12 July 2021 - 21:38

TEHRAN (IFILM) -- Mina Vahid has grabbed the Best Actress Award at the 2021 edition of the Skiptown International Film Festival in the U.S.
She won the prize for playing the leading role in the movie ‘After You’ directed by Farhad Najafi.
Also, the movie received the diploma of the best non-English film at the U.S. festival.
Other actors of the film are Tirdad Kiani, Mohammad-Mehdi Hosseini, Niloufar Parsa, Babak Qaderi, Reza Badamchi, and Nadia Najafi.
Vahid has appeared in the popular iFilm’s series ‘Lady of the Mansion’.
‘After You’ was accepted into the Skiptwon festival in 2020, but the 2020 edition of the event was postponed to June 2021 due to the situation caused by coronavirus pandemic.
The Skiptown International Film Festival is a new festival that specializes in low (under 5 million budget) independent films with great potential for the world wide market. It is a great outlet for filmmakers from all over the world to showcase their work and be seen by distributors, producers, and other industry professionals.
The 2021 edition of the Skiptown was held on June 24-30.

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