News ID: 92277
Publish Date : 10 July 2021 - 21:54

TEHRAN – The construction project of Mahtab Parsian Petrochemical Plant has begun as one of the projects built by Petrofarhang Petrochemical Holding Company.
According to Petrofarhang Holding, the facility is being developed as a producer of GTX in Parsian Energy Consuming Industries Special Zone.
The project is also regarded as one of the projects of the third leap in Iran’s petrochemical industry, and is being built in 130 hectares of land in the southern province of Hormuzgan.
In the initial studies of this project, due to the vastness of the land and the importance of developing downstream projects Petrofarhang Holding, the production of data-x-items such as heavy polyethylene and polypropylene was put on the agenda of the holding. The project has entered the implementation phase by holding tenders after receiving permits from Petrofarhang.

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