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Publish Date : 07 July 2021 - 21:47

TEHRAN (IFILM) -- Iranian movie ‘Sami’ in the Arabic language is set to compete at the 17th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival in Russia.
‘Sami’, directed by Habib Bavisajed, will be screened in the full-length feature category of the Russian event along with nine other movies from several countries.
‘Sami’ is considered to be the first Khuzestani Arabic feature film in the history of Iran’s cinema.
The film is set in Khuzestan Province, which is home to Iranian Arabs.
‘Sami’ is about a man’s love for his wife and how he cannot accept the fact that she died twenty years ago.
The film’s participation at Kazan International Muslim Film Festival marks its world premiere.
The 17th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival will be held in the town of Kazan on September 5-10.
The motto of the festival is “To the dialogue of cultures through the culture of dialogue”.
The festival aims to provide a platform for those working in the field of culture and arts in Russia and Muslim countries to exchange their experiences, displaying the creative achievements of the Muslim cinematographers, among others.

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