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Publish Date : 06 July 2021 - 21:30



TEHRAN – The spokesman for the Iranian administration Ali Rabiee on Tuesday rejected as “inaccurate” media reports that have referred to aerial images of a building of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) following a recent act of sabotage, saying the attack has not caused considerable damages.
Speaking at a weekly press conference, Rabiee confirmed that one of the buildings of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran near Karaj had been targeted in an act of sabotage on June 23, but said the incident has not resulted in remarkable damages to the personnel or equipment.
He said the roof of one of the shops sustained minor damages in the incident and is being repaired.
The spokesman explained that the aerial image released by media outlets about the damage to the building is the photo taken after the removal of the roof for repairs.
The media interpretations given on the image are not accurate, Rabiee added.
He went on to say that Iran has proven that its capabilities have increased following every act of sabotage.
Officials said on June 23 that the plot was stymied before any damage to the building because of the precautionary measures taken to protect the AEOI sites.

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