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Publish Date : 06 July 2021 - 21:27

Dear youngsters, could you answer the following questions.
1. Sometimes I fly as fast as the speed of light. Sometime I crawl as slow as a snail. Unknown until I am measured but you will certainly miss me when I’m gone. What am I?
2. I have roots nobody sees. I am taller than trees. Up, up I go but I never grow. What am I?
3. I am a ship that can be made to ride the greatest waves. I am not built by objects, but built by minds. What am I?
4. I have a mouth on my head and eat everything. What am I?
5. I do not have eyes but I once could see. I used to have thoughts but now I’m empty. What am I?
6. I get paid to shoot people, then blow them up. What am I?

Answers to last edition questions:
1. Net
2. Star
3. Glove
4. Wind
5. Ice
6. Dozens

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