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Publish Date : 04 July 2021 - 22:15

GAZA (Dispatches) – Zionist troops have carried out another overnight raid on the besieged Gaza Strip after claiming incendiary balloons were launched from the Palestinian enclave.
According to security sources and witnesses in Gaza, fighter jets struck west of Gaza City and in the northern strip, with no immediate reports of casualties.
There was no immediate indication as to which Gaza-based resistance movements were responsible for the balloon launch, but the Zionist regime holds Hamas responsible for any action.
Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has condemned the regime’s latest aerial aggression against besieged Gaza, stressing that such attacks fail to stop Palestinians from endeavoring to restore their rights.
Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem described the aggression as “a failed attempt to stop the Palestinian people from continuing their efforts to restore their rights”, the Palestinian Information Center reported.
“Our people and their resistance will continue their legitimate struggle to extract their right to live with freedom and dignity despite the Zionist oppression machine,” the Hamas official added in the press release.
On Friday, the regime used the same excuse to take the blockaded territory under airstrike.
The attacks amount to violation of a ceasefire that the regime desperately called for in May, when a war that it had launched on Gaza failed to bring the territory’s resistance movements to their knees.
The groups rather staged a crippling defensive operation against the regime by firing more than 4,000 rockets towards the occupied territories. The response killed 13 Zionists and caused millions of dollars in damage.
In another development, the Zionist regime’s army fatally shot a Palestinian man in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian health agency said, as local media reported Zionist troops and settlers had opened fire in a village south of the city of Nablus.
Palestinian news agency WAFA said a Palestinian man was shot in the chest while standing on the roof of his home in Qusra, a village encircled by illegal settlements and settlement outposts.
Two other Palestinians were also shot and injured “while fending off an attack” by Zionist settlers on the village, the news agency reported.
Palestine’s Ministry of Health identified the slain man as Mohammad Fareed Hassan, 20.
The Palestinian Authority’s health ministry said the victim had been shot directly through the chest during clashes between Palestinian villagers and illegal Israeli settlers.

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