News ID: 91972
Publish Date : 02 July 2021 - 21:49

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

“We are here to stay”. With these bombastic words, Yair Lapid, a notorious criminal who styles himself as foreign minister of the terrorist/racist Zionist entity, inaugurated the Israeli embassy in Abu Dhabi last Tuesday, applauded by his UAE counterpart, Abdullah bin Zayed Aal-e Nahayan.
Celebrations followed, including a nightlong drinking and dancing party where all laws of Islam – as well as of Judaism – were trampled by both sides despite their claim to be Muslims and Jews.
As a matter of fact, religion was totally absent from the depraved gathering where the revelers professed ‘Americanism’ as their common creed.
In other words, the Zionists and the Emiratis toasted each other while jostling to earn the pleasures of the Great Satan in a land which Washington wants to empty of its traditional Arab culture, and whatever traces have been left of the Muslim faith after decades of domination by the US and Britain.
Then there were the news that the UAE has over the past months facilitated the travel of some five thousand Israelis to the Persian Gulf ports of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Ras al-Khaimah, besides granting citizenship to hundreds of these undesirable elements.
The goal is obvious. It is the Zionisation of the UAE, which is eager to transform itself into an Israel base in the Persian Gulf.
Tall dreams indeed, similar to the boastful phrase of Lapid, Hungarian Jew born in Serbia, and illegally settled in Palestine!
It seems the treasonous Arab regimes of the region are living in a fool’s paradise, like the Zionists, oblivious of the fast changing developments that will ultimately result in the end of Israel.
Of Course, the oil-rich Arabs will provide Israel with hundreds of billions of dollars of the looted wealth of the local Muslim people, undermine the Palestinian cause, and encourage mischief against the Islamic Republic of Iran.
All these devilish measures will definitely not yield the desired results, as God Almighty is watching all these plots against Islam and Muslims.
It means, for the moment the Zionists and the Persian Gulf potentates will exult in wild celebrations with the supposed economic bonanza that has come their way through increased bilateral trade, and investment in joint projects.
The moment, however, Divine Wrath finally strikes, there will be nothing left of the anti-Islamic Front.
The Islamic Republic of Iran, for its part, along with the devout Muslims of the region, is keenly watching the unfolding events, albeit resigned to the Will of God that will ultimately prevail.
Only the humble servants of the Lord Most High have the promise from the heavens to stay forever, and not any devilish and deviant elements, however militarily and economically powerful.

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