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Publish Date : 29 June 2021 - 22:28

TEHRAN - Saudi Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman in a letter to new Zionist Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has felicitated him on winning the election, and called for Tel Aviv’s serious confrontation against Iran, sources said.
Informed sources told the Arabic-language Saudi WikiLeaks website that Bin Salman has congratulated Bennett on the new post, stressing Riyadh’s commitment to all previous agreements with Tel Aviv.
In his letter, he has expressed the hope that the new Zionist prime minister and his cabinet would seriously pursue Iran’s case and stand against what he claimed as Iran’s danger in the region, they added.
According to the sources, the letter was written after the U.S. declaration of intention to withdraw its military equipment from West Asian region, including Saudi Arabia.
Reports said late last year that the Saudi princes are split in opinions over whether to recognize and normalize relations with the Zionists, with Bin Salman likely to be open to signing a peace deal with Tel Aviv.
MbS “favors closer ties” with Tel Aviv after two Persian Gulf states, the UAE and Bahrain, officially signed normalization deals with the Zionists, The Daily Mail reported in December.
The two Persian Gulf states were followed by two other Arab countries, Sudan and Morocco, which expressed readiness to normalize relations with Israel.
Despite the alleged openness of MbS to the deal, some members of the royal family are said to oppose the move. The crown prince is the country’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense as well as the head of Saudi Arabia’s Council of Political and Security Affairs.
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