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Publish Date : 29 June 2021 - 22:27

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

In today’s supposedly civilized world, children have become the prime victims of the enemies of humanity, who are never brought to justice for their heinous crimes, and always walk free without the least accountability, let alone denunciation.
The Canadian regime’s genocide of the indigenous North American children is making headlines these days, but the UN and human rights bodies remain unmoved.
The same indifference was shown last year when the US regime on the orders of the rogue called Donald Trump subjected Latino immigrant children to utmost cruelties, killing many of the toddlers who were snatched away from the arms of their mothers and kept in inhuman and unhygienic conditions.
Of course, the topmost torturer and killer of children is the illegal Zionist entity, which is never condemned for its crimes against humanity.
Last month the world witnessed the slaughter of Palestinian children in Gaza as a result of the aerial bombardment of towns and cities for twelve continuous days by the Israeli armed forces.
According to ‘Defence for Children International’ 352 Palestinian children had died as a direct result of Israeli military action over the past year in Gaza.
Moreover, each year approximately 700 Palestinian children aged 12 to 17, the great majority of them boys, are arrested, interrogated and detained by Israeli army, police and security agents in the occupied Islamic city of Bayt al-Moqaddas and in the West Bank.
An estimated 7,000 children have been detained, interrogated, prosecuted and imprisoned by the Zionist regime – an average of two children each day.
The UN, however, never criticizes Israel nor does it censure Saudi Arabia for its massacre of Yemeni children, and the atrocities it inflicts from time to time on the Shi’ite Muslim children in the oil-rich eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf.
Iran’s ambassador to the UN headquarters in New York, Majid Takht-Ravanchi, took up this issue in an address to the Security Council Open Debate on Children and Armed Conflict on Monday, after UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres presented his annual report, which surprisingly omitted the names of Israel and Saudi Arabia.
He said the Qods-occupying regime has never been listed, while the Saudi-led military coalition waging a bloody war on Yemen was removed from the list in 2020, several years after it was first named and shamed for killing and injuring thousands of Yemeni kids.
He pointed out that in 2020 alone, the UN had confirmed the killing and wounding of 194 people in Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition – which eventually pressured the World Body to remove its name.
It is worth noting that late last month, Yemeni children staged marches across the country to protest the killing of more than 3,500 children and the injuring of over 4,000 over the past six years in Saudi strikes, which have also orphaned thousands of Yemeni kids and displaced millions of them.
Unless the UN rectifies its unfair and unjust attitude towards crimes against children, principal violators such as Canada, the US, Saudi Arabia, and the Zionist entity, will never stop their terrorism of the minors and the underaged.

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