News ID: 91777
Publish Date : 27 June 2021 - 21:59

TEHRAN – Director Manager of Exclusive Eurasia Exhibition in Iran Alireza Jafari has said that up to one hundred foreign companies will take part in the First Exclusive Exhibition Eurasia Expo 2021 in Iran which is be held at Tehran Permanent International Fairgrounds on July 9-12.
He added that about 30 companies from Russia, 30 firms from Kyrgyzstan, more than 10 companies from Armenia, over 10 firms from Kazakhstan as well as companies from Belarus will take part in the first edition of the exhibition.
These foreign companies, which will participate in the exhibition, are busy active in the fields of banking and finance, transfer of technology and technical knowhow, construction of mega factories, silos, ports, docks, oil storage, shipbuilding, steel and cement production fields, he added.
Presently, EAEU’s balance of trade with the world stands at more than $800 billion, he said and put EAEU’s trade exchange with Iran at about $2.5 billion.
It should be noted that organizing prestigious events such as Exclusive Eurasia Expo 2021 in Iran will pave the way for more familiarity of Iranian economic activists with the economic activists of five EAEU’s member states, promotion of non-oil exports coupled with increasing Iran’s trade exchanges with this Union, he added.

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