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Publish Date : 23 June 2021 - 22:06


By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The latest US crime against freedom of expression through seizure of website domains of Press TV and other Iranian news channels as well as those of several regional countries is yet another proof of the policy of media terrorism by Washington.
This act of lawlessness did not come as a surprise to international observers watching the gross inefficiency of the regime of Joe Biden both at home and abroad, including his failure to honour his own election campaign promise of doing away with his predecessor’s roguish sanctions against Iran and rejoining the JCPOA which Donald Trump had criminally reneged.
It is becoming more clear every day that the new US president is not his own man, and merely an instrument of the devilish designs of the Imperialist/Zionist forces to try to confront the free world, especially in our part of the world.
As a matter of fact, the victory in the presidential polls in Iran of a dedicated Islamic figure with impeccable revolutionary credentials and a glowing record of defence of humanitarian values against terrorists and terrorism of various hue and colour, has made the US regime realize that it stands on flimsy ground in view of the steady spread of facts and realities all over the globe.
This dissemination of the actual happenings is in sharp contrast to the fake news policy and disinformation campaign on which the Americans, the Zionists and their clients depend upon for survival.
The customary American policy of thriving on poisonous propaganda is now an abject failure as was proven over the past months by the mass demonstrations all over the US by the growing number of conscientious citizens in support of the oppressed Palestinian people and against the crimes against humanity of the Zionists.
This has alarmed the enemies of Islam, who in their desperation to stem the tide of failures, have now resorted to a campaign of lies against the Iranian President-Elect, but very well know that they cannot undermine either the Islamic Republic’s growing regional and international influence or the resolve of Ayatollah Ibrahim Raisi to make the country immune to any outside pressures.
Thus, the politically-bankrupt bid by Biden and company to seize the website domains of a total of 36 news networks, such as Press TV, the Arabic Al Alam TV, and other Iranian news channels, along with Yemen’s al-Masirah TV Channel, Palestine’s Al-Youm, Iraq’s Al-Kataeb, and the Lualua Television Network of the people of Bahrain struggling for liberation from the yoke of the repressive Aal-e Khalifa minority regime.
This gross violation of freedom of expression and attack on the independent media is not the first time the US has resorted to such a clumsy crime in view of the fact that for the past two years it has blocked the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts of Resistance Groups.
Whatever other crimes and acts of terrorism the US intends to indulge in future, it cannot save itself and its clients from their fast approaching doom.

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