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Publish Date : 15 June 2021 - 21:36


TEHRAN– The spokesperson for the Iranian Judiciary Gholamhossein Esmaeili on Tuesday unveiled plans to pay the families of victims of a Ukrainian jetliner that crashed near Tehran in January 2020 the whole amount of the allocated compensation prior to a court verdict.
Speaking at a press conference, Esmaeili said “a hundred percent of the compensation” allotted to the families of victims of the doomed Ukrainian plane crash will be paid.
Making those payments before the final court ruling is an advantage and positive point, the Judiciary spokesman added.
He also noted that detailed investigations have been conducted
into all aspects of the crash case, which has come to court.
It is not appropriate for other countries to comment on the case as the judicial process is under way in Iran, Esmaeili added.
The competent body allowed to deal with the case is the Iranian court, he emphasized.
In December 2020, the Iranian administration agreed to pay the families of every victim of the Ukrainian plane $150,000 in compensation.

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