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Publish Date : 14 June 2021 - 22:53

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

A notorious child-killer has been toppled after twelve years as ‘Crime’ Minister of the illegal Zionist entity, but this does not end the holocaust the Palestinian people have been suffering for the past 73 years.
It also does not mean Benjamin Netanyahu’s replacement will lead all the non-Semitic Jews who have been flocking to Palestine illegally for the past century, back to their original homes and hearths in Europe or the Americas.
It is not our concern whether or not Naftali Bennet will manage to hold on to executive power in Tel Aviv by preventing the plots of his predecessor to stage a comeback.
We are also not bothered about the tussle for power between the various Zionist parties, neither the votes in the Knesset are of any significance for us (even if some Palestinians, who are mistakenly called ‘Israeli Arabs, had played a part in the change of guard), nor do we advise Hamas and other liberation groups to halt for the moment their struggle for freedom.
Benjamin or Bennet, the terrorism of the Zionists will persist, coupled with the enmity towards the Islamic Republic and the Iranian people, the violation of the sanctity of the al-Aqsa Mosque, the clandestine upgrading of nuclear weapons, the threats against Lebanon’s legendry anti-terrorist movement (Hezbollah), the criminal camaraderie with the rootless Arab regimes, the Occupation of the Golan Heights, and the aerial attacks on Syria.
And last but not least, Washington will not cease its multi-billion dollar grants to usurper Israel, as well as the supply of the latest military hardware to kill the Palestinian people and terrorize the Levant.
So what is our responsibility now? The same as in the past, since there is no question of any legitimacy for the illegal entity, which we think is fast approaching its deserving end – Insha Allah (God Willing) well before the 25-year prediction made six years ago by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.
In other words, the UN and all those countries and international agencies which desire peace and stability in earnest, should now seriously respond to the rational call for referendum in Occupied Palestine for the peaceful exit of all Zionists, and establishment of one single state for the sons of the soil, stretching from the banks of the River Jordan in the east to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the west, and from Sinai Peninsula in the south to the borders of Lebanon in the north.
Let us keep our fingers crossed. The demise of Israel set in motion by Netanyahu will be completed by Bennet – or any other successor that follows, well before time predicted by our farsighted Leader.

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