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Publish Date : 13 June 2021 - 21:49

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The venture into the Atlantic Ocean for the first time by two ships of the Iranian navy has made the US regime lose sleep, although they are on a peaceful mission to friendly countries and have no intention on this particular voyage to approach the North American coast.
The US, whose warships are illegally stationed in the coastal waters of many countries around the world, has no authority over the high seas and need not be apprehensive of the right to navigate, even the coasts of North America, by vessels of other countries – whether Iran, Russia, or China.
So what is the fuss of the journey into the Atlantic of two Iranian navy ships, and their right to make calls on the ports of independent countries, including Venezuela?
Why is Washington threatening certain Latin American countries, such as Cuba and Venezuela, if they allow the Iranian ships to berth at their ports?
The answers are obvious. Washington has committed and continues to commit so many acts of piracy all over the globe that it is scared of the right of the free world to develop maritime ties – not necessarily against any country.
The US is afraid of the moves of the developing nations to its south to establish commercial and other ties with independent world countries that would enable them to become immune of Washington’s illegal pressures and sactions.
The Americans ought to understand that they have no right or legal jurisdiction to disrupt the journey of ships from Iran or any other county on the high seas, and any unwise move in this regard is tantamount to piracy with dire consequences for US ships that intrude into regional waters of other countries.
The destroyer “Sahand” and the logistics vessel “Makran” set sail over a month ago from the port of Bandar Abbas in the Strait of Hormuz, and after rounding the Cape of Good Hope off the southern tip of the African continent are heading towards the western Atlantic, having so far completed 6,000 nautical miles of the journey.
Iran has always been present in international waters and is entitled to such rights under international law. From time to time, its naval vessels make friendly calls at the ports of regional countries, as far as Southeast Asia, while arranging reciprocal visits at its own ports.
As a matter of fact, the Iranian ships’ journey across the Atlantic has been described as a “significant step” for Iran’s navy, showing the Islamic Republic’s naval capabilities and the Iranian Navy’s increasing access to the Western Hemisphere.
It means Iran is fully entitled to promote its relations with world countries, including those on the other side of the world, to foster peace and stability on the international scale.
In view of these undeniable facts, the coming weeks will certainly be indicative of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s growing capabilities and its resolve to develop relations with Latin America – no matter if the US raves and rants and further destroys its rapidly declining prestige.

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