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Publish Date : 09 June 2021 - 22:29

DAMASCUS (Dispatches) – Syrian air defenses have intercepted a missile strike by the Zionist regime over the capital Damascus, media reported.
Syrian media reported early Wednesday morning that air defense systems had engaged targets over the capital city of Damascus.
According to a reporter by the Syrian Arab News Agency, the targets came from Lebanese airspace, a typical avenue of aggression by the Zionist regime.
“At exactly 11:36 p.m. this evening, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack from over the Lebanese territories, targeting some targets in the central and southern regions,” SANA quoted an unnamed military source as saying.
Photos and ate footage from the scene have been shared by SANA online.
Later, the Syrian army confirmed it shot down some missiles fired by the occupying regime, the state media reported.
“Our air defense systems repelled the aggressor’s missiles and shot down some of them,” SANA quoted a Defense Ministry statement.
The aggression would be the first in about a month after pre-dawn raids struck the western Syrian port city of Latakia on May 5.
SANA said the Zionist airstrike had hit a plastics factory in Latakia, leaving one civilian dead and six others, including a child and his mother, injured.
The occupying regime frequently targets military positions inside Syria, especially those of the resistance movement Hezbollah, which has played a key role in helping the Syrian army in its fight against foreign-backed terrorists since 2011.
Damascus has repeatedly urged the United Nations to condemn and take action against Zionist violations of Syrian sovereignty.
Syria called on the UN Security Council in April to take “firm and immediate” action to end the occupying regime’s acts of aggression after a barrage of Zionist missiles were launched from the direction of the occupied Golan Height on some targets near Damascus.

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