News ID: 91097
Publish Date : 09 June 2021 - 21:27

ILAM - Director General of Customs Administration of the western province of Ilam Ruhollah Gholami announced on Wednesday that value of goods exported from Mehran border point to Iraq was over 124 million dollars in the two month of the current year (starting March 21).
The weight of the commodities has been over 280,000 tons, Gholami said to IRNA.
He said that building material, fruits, plastic products, glass products, home appliances, and metal products were among the most important data-x-items exported to Iraq through Mehran border customs.
Meanwhile, health protocols as preemptive measure are being followed on the border, he stated.
Mehran in Ilam with 230 km distance from Baghdad is Iran’s closest border city to Iraqi capital. Mehran is 85 km of southwest of Ilam.

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