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Publish Date : 08 June 2021 - 22:17

WEST BANK (Dispatches) – Mystery has shrouded the death of a Zionist military espionage officer’s death in prison three weeks ago after he was accused of committing crimes that harmed the regime, media reports say.
The occupying regime’s military said that “the investigation uncovered suspicions that the officer, who served in a technology unit in the Intelligence Directorate, knowingly took actions that severely harmed the regime security.”
The officer’s his family members have been placed under a gag order and are furious at how far the Zionist regime has gone to hide the affair from both them and the public.
Most of the officer’s public posts on social networks have been deleted from 2018 onward, his family members said.
“The anger is at the attempt to disappear a person who died in military prison,” Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz quoted a relative of the officer as saying without giving his name.
“We don’t know anything. To this day, no one has explained to us what happened,” the unnamed relative said.
He added, “The whole way that the army is behaving looks like an attempt to hide their failures. How can it be that they are trying to wipe out a person in this way?”
The officer, whose identity has not been released, was found in serious condition in his cell at the newly-opened Neve Tzedek prison on the night of May 16 and later pronounced dead in what military officials alleged was a suspected suicide.
Though an autopsy was performed, no official cause of death has yet been determined.
The officer was described by people who worked with him as a computer prodigy, beginning to work in programming as a teenager.
A relative of the officer has reportedly sent a strongly-worded letter to Zionist president Reuven Rivlin, saying the “murder” was reminiscent of “the darkest regimes.”

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