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Publish Date : 07 June 2021 - 21:44

TEHRAN– Iran will take part in the Poland Open with eight freestyle wrestlers.
The final Ranking Series event of the year kicks off on Tuesday in Warsaw and will welcome over 365 athletes from 44 nations from June 8 to 13.
The Poland Open will have massive implications on the remaining ‘21 event calendar.
In addition to serving as the final point-scoring event for seeding (top four) at the ‘21 Tokyo Olympic Games, it’ll also help determine the seeding for October’s Oslo World Championships, and ultimately who earns a portion of the 600,000 CHF prize package for the 2021 Ranking Series top-three finishers.
Iran Team:
61kg: Reza Ahmadali Atri
74kg: Mostafa Mohabbali Husseinkhani, Yones Emami
97kg: Alireza Muhammad Karimi, Ali Khalil Shabani, Mohammad Hussein Askari Muhammadian
125kg: Amin Hussein Taheri, Amir Hossein Abbas Zare

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