News ID: 90979
Publish Date : 06 June 2021 - 21:48


TEHRAN – Iran the occupying regime of Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has joined other anti-Iran hawkish figures in the “dustbin of history” after being defeated by his rivals in Occupied Palestine.
Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif compared Netanyahu’s fate to that of other anti-Iran figures in the U.S., such as former president Donald Trump, his former national security advisor John Bolton, and his secretary of state Mike Pompeo.
“Netanyahu has joined the disgraceful journey of his anti-Iran co-conspirators—Bolton, Trump and Pompeo—into the dustbin of history,” Zarif said.
“Iran continues to stand tall. This destiny has been repeated over several millennia for all those wishing Iranians harm. Time to change course,” he added.
Under a deal, former Zionist war minister Naftali Bennett would become prime minister and hand over his current post to Yair Lapid, a former TV host and finance minister, in about two years.

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