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Publish Date : 02 June 2021 - 22:41


By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

For what crime are we being killed?
This is the question circulating among the ethnic Hazaras of Afghanistan – as well as of Pakistan where a minority lives near Quetta – as terrorists continue to target this particular group of dedicated Muslims with frequency.
On Tuesday night, two more bomb blasts in western Kabul left at least a dozen Hazara Muslims martyred, while a third bomb blast rocked northern Kabul damaging an electric grid station and plunging most of the city in darkness.
The killers, of course, are the dastardly Daesh terrorists, whom the US transported in thousands to Afghanistan after they were routed in Syria and Iraq.
It means, the American occupiers are the main culprits whose chief goal is to keep Afghanistan in perpetual turmoil as they feign withdrawal.
The two bomb blasts in quick succession at the Hazara locality targeted mini vans near the home of prominent Hazara leader, Mohammad Mohaqiq, just opposite a mosque frequented by Shi’a Muslims – as the followers of the School of Prophet Muhammad’s (SAWA) Blessed Household are known.
It is clear that the Hazara Muslims are being targeted for their beliefs by the enemies of Islam, who greatly fear that Islamic unity will mean the end of both American designs and Zionist plots – as well as the mischief of the rootless and unrepresentative Arab regimes that adhere to the heretical Salafi cult.
It should be recalled that on May 8, a car bomb and two roadside bombs had exploded outside the Seyyed osh-Shohada Girls School, also in a predominantly Hazara neighborhood, martyring almost a hundred people, many of them students.
Late last year, the Daesh terrorists had targeted a maternity hospital in the Afghan capital and earlier this year triggered bomb blasts to kill unsuspecting students and travelers at a rest house.
The Hazaras, which account for 20 percent of Afghanistan’s 30 million population, are a Persian-speaking community native to, and primarily residing in, the mountainous region of Hazarajat, in central Afghanistan
In Pakistan, the Hazaras number over one million, and are considered the most oppressed group which is frequently targeted by the Salafi terrorists aligned to Saudi Arabia and Israel.
This systematic discrimination and repeated targeted violence has resulted in displacement, and led the Hazara community to lose much of its standing in the social hierarchy of Afghanistan.
It is a matter of regret that the UN has failed to redress the plight of the Hazara community and the involvement of the US in acts of terrorism through their proxies the Daesh.
The only solution to the plight of the Hazara people is to form popular militias in order to safeguard the security of the regions they live in, and also to contribute to national unity and peace.

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