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Publish Date : 01 June 2021 - 21:53

Salaam dear young friends. Hopefully you are all fine by the Grace of God Almighty. Wish you lots of success in your endeavours.
We are on the threshold of summer as is evident by the rising temperatures in Tehran and several other areas of the country, although the northern parts are still experiencing the fading days of spring, with milder climate, especially in the mountainous regions where snows are melting.
On Friday, June 4, was supposed to be the rendezvous of the faithful in the mausoleum of the Father of the Islamic Revolution for the 32nd anniversary of the passing away of Imam Khomeini (RA).
Unfortunately, this year, like last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the passing away ceremony will not be held in the mausoleum, but it will be held in all provinces and cities throughout Iran with observing the health protocols.
Every year millions of devotees had gathered at his resting place, and paid their tributes to him, and would also would reaffirm their allegiance to the Sage of Age.
The nation owes its might, its atmosphere of freedom, its peace and security, its cultural and political influence on the region and beyond, its technological and scientific progress in various fields, its mastering of the nuclear fuel cycle, its self-sufficiency in defence, its venture into outer space, and its steadfastness against the plots of Global Arrogance, to the Founder of the Islamic Republic.
Well friends, on Sunday we would be commemorating the martyrdom of one such heavenly figure, whose lasting legacy continues to be the torch of guidance for all seekers of truth.
He was Imam Ja’far as-Sadeq (AS), the Most Truthful Person of his times, and the 6th Infallible Heir of the Mercy unto the whole creation, Prophet Muhammad (SAWA). He revived for the benefit of humanity the genuine Sunnah and Seerah (practice and behaviour) of his illustrious ancestor, which is known till this day as Fiqh al-Ja’fari.
It is the code of jurisprudence that preserved for posterity the dynamism of the Shari’ah of Islam, which his murderer the Abbasid caliph Mansour Dawaniqi, had unsuccessfully tried to blot out, and which the modern day Takfiri terrorists are trying to distort by masquerading as Muslims, despite their wanton killing of all and sundry, such the recent bombing of “Seyyed ash-Shohada” school in Afghanistan in which more than 90 high school girls were martyred and many more were injured.
May God damn the Wahhabi heretics, and liberate from their yoke the Land of Revelation, where in the holy city of Medina, this dastardly cult destroyed the majestic mausoleum in the Sacred Jannat al-Baqi Cemetery over the graves of four of the Prophet’s Infallible Heirs, including Imam Sadeq (AS), in a vain bid to erase the memory of the Blessed Ahl al-Bayt from Muslim minds.
Goodbye and see you all next week.

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