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Publish Date : 29 May 2021 - 21:44

MOSCOW (Dispatches) – Iranian Minister of Agricultural Jihad Kazem Khavazi and head of the Federal Agency for Fishery of Russia Ilya Shestakov have agreed to enhance cooperation on fishery and aquatics in the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf.
Both sides welcomed establishing joint cooperation in doing scientific research on fishery and aquatics.
Khavazi hailed signing MoU with Russia in this regard.
Referring to the value of the Caspian Sea for all five states, he stressed preserving various aquatics for future generations.
Iran is ready to protect sturgeon and bony fish in the Caspian Sea, he noted.
Khavazi urged all Caspian Sea states to do sturgeons farming in dry areas.
He suggested working jointly on culturing Persian Gulf aquatic species in the Caspian Sea.
He stressed reinforcing cooperation between Iran and Russia in the field of fishery and agriculture.
Meanwhile, Shestakov said Russia is ready for accepting Iranian students in the fishery.
He also expressed readiness for holding training courses in producing and farming sturgeons.
He appreciated Iran for five-party cooperation in the Caspian Sea and hoped for developing cooperation and signing a new contract for protecting water resources in the Caspian Sea.
Russia is ready to cooperate with Iranian institutions on evaluating the situation in the Caspian Sea, Shestakov said.
He also expressed readiness for transferring the necessary equipment to Iran.

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