News ID: 90621
Publish Date : 25 May 2021 - 22:18

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

A year has passed since the murder in broad daylight of George Floyd on the streets of Minneapolis by white police officers and still, not just the black people but the majority of citizens in the US, live in an atmosphere of suffocation because of the state terrorism of the administration in the White House.
“I can’t breathe”, the catchphrase immortalized by 46-year Floyd in his last moments as two burly policemen pinned him to the ground on May 25 for full 9 minutes with their knees choking his throat to snuff out the last embers of life, is today on the lips of most Americans, who complain of rampant discrimination and lack of justice in a country whose rulers are of a criminal bent of mind.
Although the terrorist, thug, rascal (and whatever you call Donald Trump) is no longer the president, the official policy of killing people at home on the slightest pretext and terrorizing independent world countries, remains unchanged.
As a matter of fact, the US administration is the world’s topmost terrorist outfit – followed by the illegal Zionist entity – with no regard for human rights or respect for humanitarian values.
The brutal death last year of the Afro-American security guard captured on cameras as people helplessly looked at the killer officers, triggered nationwide demonstrations and resulted in many more deaths, as Trump unleashed his white supremacist thugs to attack peaceful gatherings.
The footage of the unpardonable crime went viral, and despite potential risks of exposure to the Coronavirus pandemic, demonstrators laid bare the deep pain that persists for colored people struggling to live under the crushing weight of injustice that has long been at the necks of not just the Americans.
It is to be noted that since Floyd’s murder, at least 966 people have lost their lives in the US because of police violence, and at least two hundred of them were of African origin.
The is proof of the fact that colored people have no right to live in a land which like the whole Planet belongs to God but is under the tyrannical rule of a satanic regime.
George Floyd, a former athlete who was paid glowing tributes by colored American sportsmen, some of whom knew him personally, is no more, but his memory will remain, and with it the campaign against injustice in the Zionist-controlled US, where the police officers instead of admitting their crimes against humanity, target peaceful protestors with tear gas, brutal use of batons, and of course, bullets.
Democracy, its advocates claim, means respect for the rights of all sections of the society and not just a particular ethnic group, as is the case with the US, where the Hispanic and other people of color, especially the black, are deprived of even the basic rights.

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