News ID: 90604
Publish Date : 25 May 2021 - 22:15

BEIJING (Reuters) - Despite uncertainties cast by the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Olympic Committee and diplomats from prominent winter sports nations have reaffirmed their confidence in witnessing a successful Winter Olympics in Beijing next year.
Nine months out from Beijing 2022, officials from the global winter sports community have lauded the host’s smooth preparations through the pandemic, while placing high hopes on the development of COVID-19 protocols to ensure safe yet exciting Games.
The global admiration for China’s preparations was highlighted on Friday during the Games’ first diplomatic briefing, where 120 ambassadors and officials from over 70 countries heard reports from Beijing 2022 organizers on preparatory work and the introduction of the international dignitary program.
Beijing 2022 remains open to suggestions from all stakeholders and is committed to working closely with the international community, especially on the development of COVID-19 countermeasures, to deliver a streamlined, safe and splendid Games next year, said Zhang Jiandong, executive vice-president of Beijing 2022.

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