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Publish Date : 22 May 2021 - 21:58


By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The US, which is a morally bankrupt regime, plays the role of Lucifer wherever tensions, terrorism, wars, and bloodshed occur around the world by backing the criminals and vilifying the victims.
Fresh from granting the illegitimate Zionist entity a 750-million arms package for supply of precision missiles to kill more Palestinian civilians, Washington has imposed sanctions on two of the military commanders of Yemen’s Sana’a-based legitimate government for refusal to yield to the demands of the Saudi invaders.
The strategic oil-rich region of Marib and the provincial capital of the same name are about to be liberated by forces of the popular Ansarallah Movement, and unable to impose an unwanted ceasefire that is clearly detrimental to peace, the US is indulging in poisonous propaganda against the Yemeni people.
Of course, these sanctions will not have the least effect on Mohammad Abdul-Karim al-Jamali, the Head of the general staff leading the campaign for liberation of Marib, and on senior field commander Yousuf al-Madani.
Both of them have shrugged off the American threats, saying they will continue their campaign against the Saudi aggressors and the fugitive from justice, Mansour Hadi who likes to call himself president.
They point out that the main reason for their victimization is the principled support of the legitimate authorities of Yemen for Hamas and other Palestinian combatant groups against the illegal Zionist regime, as is evident by the massive rallies the people of Yemen hold in Sana’a and other liberated cities to denounce Israeli crimes against humanity.
In a vain bid to prevent the Yemenis from liberating Marib, the US envoy Tim Lenderking has threatened sanctions. He also indulged in senseless talks by accusing the Islamic Republic of Iran of supplying weapons to the government of Yemen, without explaining how such heavy shipments can reach a nation whose land and sea borders as well as airspace have been completely blockaded for the past six years by the Saudi-UAE invaders.
And similarly to the satanic policy of Washington in Gaza where Palestinians are not supposed to have any means of defence against the aggressors and occupiers of their homeland while the US pours in state-of-the-art military technology to Israel, he was silent on the continued supply of lethal weaponry by his regime to Saudi Arabia to kill the people of Yemen and destroy the infrastructure of the country.
First and foremost, the US has no right to meddle in the affairs of Yemen, and if it claims to be a mediator, it should condemn Saudi Arabia for the unwarranted war and pressure Riyadh to withdraw all its forces from Yemen.
It is naïve to expect the US to be fair since its very nature is satanic, and thus it always favours the devils for destroying and destabilizing countries.
The US, however, should know that the people of Yemen are too proud to yield to either the Saudis or the US, and will continue their campaign until the last invader is kicked out from their homeland, since they did not start the armed hostilities, and moreover an imposed peace is worse than an imposed war.

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