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Publish Date : 22 May 2021 - 21:34

TOKYO (Xinhua) -- International Olympic Committee (IOC) vice president John Coates has said that the postponed Tokyo Olympics will ‘absolutely’ take place in two months, regardless of whether the Japanese capital is still in a state of emergency.
Coates, the head of IOC’s Coordination Commission for the Tokyo Games, told reporters after a three-day virtual meeting with the organizers, “We have successfully seen five sports test events during the state of emergency. All of the plans we have in place to protect the safety and security of the athletes and the people of Japan are based around the worst possible circumstances, so the answer is absolutely yes.”
Tokyo, Osaka and seven other prefectures have been under a state of emergency since April, and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga added Okinawa to the list after the southern Japanese prefecture confirmed a daily record of 207 COVID-19 cases on Friday.
“I can say it’s now clearer than ever that these Games would be safe for everyone participating and, importantly, safe for the people of Japan,” Coates said. “We’re doing everything possible so that the Games are safe for participants and people in Japan.”

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