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Publish Date : 16 May 2021 - 21:46

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The "Nakba” or the "Grave Catastrophe” of 1948 is being repeated this year by the illegal Zionist entity with greater horror for the Palestinian people with so far more than 200 Gazans slaughtered in a few days, mainly because of the treason of such rootless Arab regimes as Bahrain and the UAE, in openly siding with Israel.
As the UN and international human rights bodies maintain their indifference, except for issuing toothless statements that provide no relief to the plight of the Palestinians, Israel, with the full support of the US and West European regimes, continues its massacre of the innocent in the besieged enclave of Gaza, for their iron resolve to retaliate against Zionist atrocities with rocket fire.
Strangely, this retaliation of an oppressed nation is denounced by the West as ‘terror’, while the real terrorist, the Zionist regime, is given the license to terrorize and kill the Palestinian people – or for that matter the people of other countries, such as Syria and Lebanon, for supporting the cause of Palestine.
In other words, the plight of the Palestinian people that started on May 14, 1948, is being enacted with more savagery this year.
May 14 is that tragic day in world history on which the British, after two decades of occupation of Palestine, gave birth to the illegitimate Zionist entity called Israel.
The next day, that is, 15 May 1948, occurred "Youm an-Nakba” or Day of Catastrophe, when Zionist terrorist gangs in collaboration with the British, drove out over 700,000 Palestinian men, women, and children from their ancestral homes and hearths into neighbouring countries, where their descendants continue to live as stateless refugees.
Today, the wounds of this shocking tragedy are as fresh as they were over seven decades ago, if not worse, as is evident by the ongoing bloody events in Gaza.
The Nakba has come to depict the story of a nation deprived of its homeland on which the occupiers who have come from across the seas thrive, reaping the maximum benefits, while the sons of the soil are subjected to all sorts of atrocities and called ‘terrorists’ whenever they retaliate against the unabated crimes being committed against Palestine and the Palestinian people.
For the past several days the Palestinians of Gaza are being gunned down by Israel with no one, not even fellow Arab countries, willing to redress their plight.
True, this time, mass demonstrations all over the world, especially in the US and West Europe, in support of the Palestinian people, have been joined by native Americans and Europeans, who are beginning to see Israel as the real culprit.
This is, however, not enough. The people of Palestinian need technology and weapons to counter the terrorism of Israel, as part of their just struggle for liberation of their homeland.
The question arises: When will Palestine be cleansed of the filth of the Godless Khazar Zionists who have no connection to this sacred land nor any blood ties to the ancient Israelite tribes – majority of whose descendants are Christians and Muslims today, with only a fraction of a minority adhering to Judaism as the original Jews and who oppose the existence of Israel as violation of Divine Laws?  
There is no reason for despondency. God’s promise is true. When the dedicated Muslims are ready for the grand march, the nuclear arsenal of Israel will not be of any use – similar to the fate of the so-called iron dome which has been shattered by rockets from Gaza.
Today, the Resistance Front has encircled Israel, almost from all sides, which means the Zionist regime knows that the end is fast approaching, and that is why it has resorted to brute force to massacre the people of Gaza.
To sum up, the day is near, and nothing can prevent the reclamation of Palestine today, provided the Ummah is ready for united action.

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